One August Morning

Author: Troy Taylor


Lizzie Borden is a name that has lived in infamy. As everyone knows, she’s the young woman who “took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks” and then “gave her father 41.” Everyone seems to know the rhyme, but most people don’t know the truth behind the grim story of one of America’s most famous unsolved murders. In this new entry in the “Dead Men Do Tell Tales” series, author Troy Taylor delves into the true story of the Borden Murders, revealing what really happened on that morning in August 1892, how Lizzie was hounded by the police, prosecutors, and reporters, and then finally acquitted – yet always believed to be guilty. Was she a murderer or truly innocent? Did she swing the hatchet that killed her parents, or was Lizzie simply part of a plot that accidentally led to murders committed by a madman? You’ll have the chance to decide for yourself as the suspects are revealed, the conspiracies unveiled, and the strange circumstances of this haunting case are presented.

One August Morning


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