Cabinet of Curiosities

Author: Troy Taylor


During all of recorded history, man has been fascinated with the trappings of the supernatural, from ghost stories and strange events to possible communication with the other side. In the first book of its kind, author Troy Taylor traces the historical events that make up the supernatural world as we know it today by using 20 objects that made their mark on its past. This isn't another volume on haunted objects, but a book tracing a wide range of different items that represent the history of the supernatural, from a spirit trumpet of the Spiritualist movement to a small bell from Borley Rectory; a camera that tells the story of spirit photography; a radio that details communication with the dead; a child's leather ball; a broken door; a stack of letters that proved life after death; and much more. The author invites you to re-live the events and stories that created the paranormal as we know it today through objects that were worn, carried, used and manifested through a fascinating period of history. It's a book unlike anything that has ever been attempted before and a perfect addition to every ghost enthusiast's library!

Cabinet of Curiosities


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